Plastic pallets

EXPERT 1210-O6


  • -20º/40ºC [-4º/104ºF] -20º/40ºC [-4º/104ºF]
  • 0º/40ºC [32º/104ºF] 0º/40ºC [32º/104ºF]
  • open open
  • 4-ways 4-ways
  • Rims for boxes Rims for boxes
  • Upper rubbers Upper rubbers
  • Lower rubbers Lower rubbers

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High load capacity equipment, very resistant and of maximum durability for the manipulation of all type of products. Ideal for high reuse applications in logistic circuits with the highest loading requirements of the market for standard size pallets.

Technical data

ReferenceAvailable MaterialsMeasuresweight
EXPERT 1210-O3
-20º/40ºC [-4º/104ºF] -20º/40ºC [-4º/104ºF]
0º/40ºC [32º/104ºF] 0º/40ºC [32º/104ºF]
1200x1000x162 mm [47.20x39.40x6.40"] 21.00 kg [46.30 lb.] 7000 kg [15430 lb.] 1500 kg [3310 lb.] 1000 kg [2210 lb.]
EXPERT 1210-O5
-20º/40ºC [-4º/104ºF] -20º/40ºC [-4º/104ºF]
0º/40ºC [32º/104ºF] 0º/40ºC [32º/104ºF]
1200x1000x162 mm [47.20x39.40x6.40"] 22.30 kg [49.20 lb.] 7500 kg [16535 lb.] 1750 kg [3860 lb.] 1100 kg [2425 lb.]
EXPERT 1210-O6
-20º/40ºC [-4º/104ºF] -20º/40ºC [-4º/104ºF]
0º/40ºC [32º/104ºF] 0º/40ºC [32º/104ºF]
1200x1000x162 mm [47.20x39.40x6.40"] 22.80 kg [50.30 lb.] 8000 kg [17640 lb.] 2000 kg [4410 lb.] 1250 kg [2755 lb.]


Suitable for rack
Anti-impact perimeter
Corners prepared for optimum shrinkage
Shock Absorbing Chambers on the blocks

Logistic data

Reference20'40'40' HC45'
EXPERT 1210-O3130273336416416442510
EXPERT 1210-O5130273336416416442510
EXPERT 1210-O6130273336416416442510


Customizable colour
RFID tags
Silkscreen logo
Engraved logo
Customizable rims or without rims
Other materials available

Technical drawing

Recommendations for use

  • Do not stack more than 48 pallets, which is equivalent to a height of 7.7 m when empty
  • Do not handle stacks of more than 27 empty pallets.
  • Once stacked in height check that they are properly fitted.

The values indicated are approximate and are based on both practical experiences and ISO 8611 tests with a uniformly distributed standard load, distributed all over the pallet surface, duly consolidated, compact and stable and at ambient temperature (20ºC [68ºF]) for a specific time. Different load conditions produce different values that have to be checked at the customer’s request. Any deterioration or breakage in the pallet may vary these results.

Due to the characteristics of the materials recycled, the dimensions and the weight of the pallets may present certain tolerances. Dimensional tolerances according to DIN ISO 2768-V and weight tolerances: +/- 4%. Except for references of the FLAT category: +/- 3%.

- Nortpalet reserves the right to modify any information herein indicated without prior notice.

- The specifications can be affected in case of alteration of the product with parts and / or materials different from those approved by the Nortpalet quality department. Any warranty, specification or liability on the part of Nortpalet will be terminated in case of modification of the product with spare parts not supplied by Nortpalet.

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