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The automotive industry has historically been recognized for being a pioneer in the development of great advances in terms of improving the efficiency and productivity of its production and assembly lines, many of which have subsequently been replicated successfully by other industries and / or sectors. Specifically, it is a leading industry in reverse logistics solutions, where the plastic pallet plays a transcendental role.

“Kanvan”, “Just in Time”, … are some of the well-known work methodologies that are used in the automotive sector and that are inconceivable without an adequate reverse logistics management. Most of the parts that are transported from the suppliers to the assembly plants of the major automobile manufacturers at an international level are contained in what is known as Reusable Transport Elements (RTE). Many of these devices are made of plastic, and therefore return to production centers once emptied to be recharged with new parts restarting the cycle.

"Over the years they have proven to be the most efficient option, with pallets being considered as an RTE, our pallets has proven to be the most efficient option."

Among the main benefits of our plastic pallets, we highlight the following:

  • Ease and security of handling of empty pallets as it is lighter and has  no chips or sharp elements.
  • Greater cleanness of the processing centers because plastic pallets do not release particles in the assembly lines.
  • Less maintenance of production sites and better preservation of the facilities.
  • Reduction of logistic costs per movement.

Mainly two types of pallets are used in the automotive industry depending on the logistical use:

  • The EXPERT range is the choice of many companies in the automotive sector for their internal circuits due to their high specifications and high durability, which improves the cost efficiency of the whole chain while meeting the highest quality standards of one of the most demanding industries.
  • Likewise, many of our customers have chosen the SMART range with antistatic protection (ESD) to protect the most fragile electronic components.