Fruit and Vegetables Processing

The most effective solution for transporting food without bacteria, infections or parasites.

The vast majority of the horticultural sector uses RTE (Reusable Transport Elements) for the transport of fruit and vegetables from the collection sites to the packing plants. The plastic is therefore a material widely used in the sector for its excellent properties for the distribution of fresh products.

The production of fruits and vegetables has its origin in the field or in a greenhouse, where vegetables are grown and harvested. Subsequently, the product is ordered and packaged according to its size, color and quality, to be later stored for transportation and distribution until reaching the final consumer through shops and supermarkets. In most cases, a plastic packaging item, either a box or a pallet, is required to store and transport either fruits or or vegetables.

The quality of a food product, especially of a horticultural product, is not only determined by its origin, but also by the transportation process, from its collection to its PoS display. Therefore, it is necessary to pay the utmost attention to the supply chain to ensure the preservation of food in perfect condition.

The plastic pallet is the ideal transport equipment in conjunction with plastic boxes due to its high hygienic conditions as well as its cost efficiency for closed circuits of high rotation. The fruit and vegetables belong to the fresh products distribution chain and therefore are fast moving products where the pallets spend very little time stored. This differential fact makes that the amortization of plastic pallets occurs in very short times and allows different users to generate a highly efficient logistics cost.

"It is necessary to pay the utmost attention to the supply chain to ensure the preservation of food in perfect condition."

Fundamentally, two types of pallets are used in the horticultural industry depending on the logistic use:

  • Our customers in the horticultural sector choose our pallets of the BASIC range for their exports to the different markets where the pallets help them to reduce the export procedures by not requiring NIMF-15 certificates since the plastic is immune to infections and parasites. In this way, our customers can focus on their main activity and forget the possible incidents resulting from the use of wooden pallets. Our BASIC 1210-O3 AIR model has been specifically designed for air shipments, making it the most convenient option for this type of shipment where its lightness helps reduce transport costs.
  • For their internal logistics activities, our customers use the SMART and LOGIC range where, thanks to their high level of hygiene and its cost, the logistics operations can be improved.