Ideal equipment for all types of white room applications and asepticized environments.

The companies belonging to the pharmaceutical and health care sector have the need to configure their business for each market, with the objective of complying with the regulations and limits inherent to the different health systems at international level. When production constraints, temperature control, compliance and other factors are added, the supply chain becomes very complex and requires a high degree of specialization and professionalism.

In this way, companies in this sector must reevaluate and evolve their approach to supply chain management to address the new challenges facing the industry. Usually, the packaging areas are located in areas adjacent to the production area, where a completely aseptic environment must be maintained. Any fragment, regardless of its size, can contaminate the drugs so the use of wooden pallets that may contain infections or parasites inside and which in turn give off chips and dust is not the right choice for high hygiene requirements demanded by this industry.

The use of plastic pallets in the pharmaceutical industry allows the palletizing job in the production areas, ensuring the quality of the product and the process, as well as improving the logistics management and optimizing the areas of production plants. It is also possible to introduce pallets from suppliers that also use plastic pallets without the risk of contamination or dirt formation while minimizing the maintenance of the facilities in the production area.

"Usually, the packaging areas are located in areas adjacent to the production area, where a completely aseptic environment must be maintained."

Many types of pallets can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, depending on logistical use:

  • Our customers in the sector rely on our products from the LOGIC range to carry out the logistics activities between their suppliers and customers, ensuring the highest hygiene conditions of the process while optimizing their logistics costs, improving the order preparation and receiving activities at the same time as complying with the applicable legislation.
  • For those pallets that remain captive in the clean rooms, the CLEAN range is usually the most adequate due to the absence of openings and edges that facilitate the washing of the product when necessary.
  • Finally, in those cases where the goods are sent to very distant geographical areas and where it is impossible to recover the pallet, many of our customers have opted for the BASIC range due to the great cost efficiency and simplification of export procedures to avoid possible incidences or customs controls.