Improving the visual impact and shopping experience at the PoS

The Retail sector is one of the main drivers of any economy and one of the largest consumers of pallets, which carry different consumer goods throughout the entire supply chain. Over the last few years, logistics has become professionalized to become one of the main elements of differentiation between the different players in the sector.

Retail is one of the most demanding sectors in terms of the efficiency of all logistics operations, where the use of plastic pallets plays a leading role. More and more companies have begun to replace traditional wooden pallets with novel plastic pallets when analyzing the efficiencies and advantages derived from their use.

One of the applications where the plastic pallet has demonstrated its enormous potential is the transport of fast moving consumer goods, where the "display" pallets are used, which correspond to one-half and one-quarter size. Nortpalet is one of the largest manufacturers of half pallets at worldwide; we have different success cases that highlight the benefits of our solutions.

"Nortpalet is one of the largest manufacturers of half pallets at worldwide."

Our half-pallets range of EXPERT pallets are currently in a multitude of companies in the sector transporting consumer goods such as milk, water, detergents, oil, ... from the producer to the points of sale and are available under the Pool Model. By using the same equipment throughout the supply chain its benefits are shared by the different players.

The main benefits of our plastic half-pallet are:

  • Ideal solution for the racks: thanks to its measures it allows reducing costs and increase sales allowing the placement of more brands on the same rack.
  • It gives a better visual impact to the merchandise placed on it.
  • Thanks to its repairable runners, it increases the life cycle of the product, without the need for machinery or qualified personnel.
  • Its versatility makes this model suitable for all categories of products and uses independently of the sector.

Likewise, more and more distributors already use plastic pallets for their picking activities, creating a closed circuit between distribution centres and stores where our SMART plastic pallets help to reduce the logistical cost per movement proving to be the ideal option. Our SMART pallets are nestable, without loss of functionality, which allows significant savings in reverse logistics from the store to the distribution centres while helping to reduce the backroom space required for empty pallets storage.