All our products have been conceived under a philosophy based on the circular economy stands: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

At Nortpalet we have as mission and objective term to become a referent actor of the so-called circular economy in the medium; circular economy will undoubtedly be the economic concept of the next generation of companies. Circular economy is a philosophy of systems organization inspired by nature and living things, circular economy seeks to change the linear one which is based on wastage. 

We believe that the latter is the futures concept of economics. So Nortpalets objective is to become a circular economy business model in midterm.

The already obsolete linear system of our economy (extraction, manufacturing, use and disposal) has reached its limits. In fact, the depletion of a number of natural resources and fossil fuels is beginning to be seen. Therefore, the circular economy proposes a new model of society that uses and optimizes the stocks and flows of materials, energy and waste and its objective is the efficiency in the use of resources.

"All our products are sustainable, reusable and 100% recyclable, so we are delighted to be able to accompany our products throughout their entire life cycle."

The residues of some become resources for others. The product must be designed to be deconstructed. The circular economy manages to convert our waste into raw materials, a paradigm of a future system.

Recycling is the transformation of used materials, which would otherwise simply be waste, into very valuable resources. It is a very useful way to save energy, reduce the need for landfills, save natural resources like wood and help maintain and protect the environment. For this reason, our production scheme is not only responsible for manufacturing but also for the final management of the product, in order to reintroduce the waste generated in the production chain.

All our products are sustainable, reusable and 100% recyclable so we are happy to be able to accompany our products throughout their entire life cycle, from their production, through their repair, until the moment of their recycling.

  • At the end of its useful life, our pallets can be recycled to obtain again raw material that serves as the basis for new products in our catalogue. As part of our environmental commitment, we have incorporated into our process the management of our products after the end of their useful life.
  • The plastic packaging has a residual value, which corresponds to its material value at market conditions minus the cost of its recycling which we commit to pay all our customers for the production of new units.