Boosting the sustainability of logistics operations in a globalized industry.

The textile industry, unlike other sectors, is a very delocalized sector and where the location of production centres is often far from the points of sale, so international transportation (imports and exports) are the most frequent option and where the merchandise is not always palletized.

In recent years, different brands have become popular; they stand out for an excellent logistical management that allows them to renew entire collections in times that were previously unthinkable of. Also, there are different types of players in the sector, from the producer of primary fabrics, dye companies, to the garment manufacturer, each one with its own needs.

Currently, the big players in the industry have fully integrated supply chains and manage the entire production process until the sale to final customer. Many of these companies are beginning to use our BASIC range of plastic pallets in their processes to minimize the space required in backroom for empty pallets as well as to avoid the unsightly markings that occur on the sales area due to manipulation of pallets.

On the other hand, many of our customers choose the BASIC range for their exports, simplifying the tedious export procedures and avoiding inspections and incidents in the distribution of their products throughout the different territories in which they operate.

"Companies in this sector use our BASIC range to minimize the space required in the back room, as well as avoiding marks on the sales area."

Also, many companies in the sector use our pallets of the LOGIC range as the chosen option for the transport of materials between the different production centres thanks to its reduced weight, which improves the handling as well as its smooth surface which prevents accidental damages in the garments. In this way, our customers enjoy the benefits of using plastic pallets in their logistics processes with their consequent CO2 emissions saving and their contribution to the environment.