What do we do?

Since our beginning we have been growing together with our main partners and customers, diversifying our catalog and focused on offering value, always making a difference.

The vision of Nortpalet is being the strategic reference partner of all actors of the logistic value chain (pools, logistic operators, pioneering companies in logistical innovation,…) believing in sustainability as source of present and future competitive advantage.

Our mission is to become a reference actor of the value chain in the development and manufacturing of all kind of plastic logistic elements which allow transporting or handling any consumer good. Pallets, rigid boxes, foldable boxes, rolls, containers, baskets, pallets, buying carts… and any other kind of transport and storage elements for any logistical process, especially in reverse logistics.

We are specialized in developing customized solutions for major account or specific branches. We are your ideal partner for the developing new products, thanks to our recognized know-how, wide experience, production capacity and a specialized and totally open R+D+I department, prepared to launch new successful projects.

"We have one of the widest catalogues of the market, from light pallets to those developed for the most demanding environments."

Sometimes, some logistical needs cannot be covered by already existing solutions in the market, and a specific customized development is necessary.  We have a large specialization in this kind of service, and this business area is one of the main competitive advantages differentiating our offer. We have cooperated hand in hand with the main pool companies, large distribution chains, logistic operators, etc… in the development and later manufacturing of diverse logistic and storing elements in order to improve their productive settings and reduce the environmental impact of their activities.

We will be pleased to offer to our partners starting new projects generating value and contributing efficiency to the distribution chain, where we contribute our vision, experience and technology until the project accomplishes success.

We have one of the largest product catalogues of the market, from our light pallets to those specifically developed for the most demanding industries.  Our team of highly qualified professionals is prepared to assist our customers and offer them the product which best satisfies their needs.

All our products have been developed under the philosophy of circular economy with the aim of reducing the amount of necessary equipment, increasing their re-use and facilitating its recycling at the end of their life cycle (3R Model – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). We are pleased to accompany our products along their life cycle, from production and repair to their end, when we recycle them and transform the residue in a new resource in a closed and endless loop.