Plastic pallets

BASIC 1210-O3


  • rPP black rPP black
  • Temp. 0º +40ºC Temp. 0º +40ºC
  • open open
  • 4-ways 4-ways
  • Rims for boxes Rims for boxes

Ideal equipment for loads with lift storage increasing the support surface and avoiding damage to the product of the lower layer. Suitable for automated lines with roller conveyors being the pallet of its dimensions with lighter runners. The runner is removable allowing to transform the product into the BASIC 1210-O9 version.

Technical data

BASIC 1210-O9rPP black 1200x1000x140 mm [47.20x39.40x5.50"] 6.20 kg [13.70 lb.] 1800 kg [3970 lb.] 1000 kg [2210 lb.] - kg [- lb.]
BASIC 1210-O3rPP black 1200x1000x160 mm [47.20x39.40x6.30"] 8.15 kg [18.00 lb.] 1800 kg [3970 lb.] 1000 kg [2210 lb.] 400 kg [880 lb.]
BASIC 1210-C9rPP black 1200x1000x140 mm [47.20x39.40x5.50"] 8.40 kg [18.60 lb.] 2000 kg [4410 lb.] 1200 kg [2645 lb.] - kg [- lb.]
BASIC 1210-C3rPP black 1200x1000x160 mm [47.20x39.40x6.30"] 10.35 kg [22.80 lb.] 2000 kg [4410 lb.] 1200 kg [2645 lb.] 400 kg [880 lb.]
BASIC 1210-O9 AIRrPP black 1200x1000x140 mm [47.20x39.40x5.50"] 6.15 kg [13.60 lb.] 1800 kg [3970 lb.] 1000 kg [2210 lb.] - kg [- lb.]


Special strapping slot
Anti-impact perimeter
Anti-slip surface
Corners prepared for optimum shrinkage

Logistic data

Reference20'40'40' HC45'
BASIC 1210-O9520109213021612161218202100
BASIC 1210-O3130273336416416468540
BASIC 1210-C9520109213021612161218202100
BASIC 1210-C3130273336416416468540
BASIC 1210-O9 AIR520109213021612161218202100


Customizable colour
Silkscreen logo
Engraved logo
Customizable rims or without rims
Material (HDPE/ECO)

Technical drawing

Recommendations for use

  • Do not stack more than 48 pallets, which equates to a height of 7,68 m of empty pallets.
  • Do not handle stacks of more than 18 empty pallets.
  • Once stacked in height check that they are properly fitted.

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