Plastic pallets

BASIC 1208-O9


  • rPP black rPP black
  • Temp. 0º +40ºC Temp. 0º +40ºC
  • open open
  • Nestable Nestable
  • 4-ways 4-ways
  • Rims for boxes Rims for boxes

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The lightest and most economic Euro-Pallet of the whole range. Ideal for exports of all type of products complying with the international ISPM-15 regulation. Its low weight helps reducing transport costs and improves handling of the product in a vacuum. It allows incorporating runners as option becoming the BASIC 1208-O3 version.

Technical data

BASIC 1208-O9rPP black 1200x800x140 mm [47.20x31.50x5.50"] 5.10 kg [11.20 lb.] 1500 kg [3310 lb.] 1000 kg [1765 lb.] - kg [- lb.]
BASIC 1208-O3rPP black 1200x800x160 mm [47.20x31.50x6.30"] 7.05 kg [15.50 lb.] 1500 kg [3310 lb.] 1000 kg [1765 lb.] 300 kg [660 lb.]
BASIC 1208-C9rPP black 1200x800x140 mm [47.20x31.50x5.50"] 6.50 kg [14.30 lb.] 2000 kg [4410 lb.] 1000 kg [2210 lb.] - kg [- lb.]
BASIC 1208-C3rPP black 1200x800x160 mm [47.20x31.50x6.30"] 8.45 kg [18.60 lb.] 2000 kg [4410 lb.] 1000 kg [2210 lb.] 300 kg [660 lb.]


Special strapping slot
Anti-impact perimeter
Anti-slip surface
Easy pallet extraction from the stack
Corners prepared for optimum shrinkage

Logistic data

Reference20'40'40' HC45'
BASIC 1208-O9550125015001980198021452470
BASIC 1208-O3143325400528528594684
BASIC 1208-C9550125015001980198021452470
BASIC 1208-C3143325400528528594684


Customizable colour
Silkscreen logo
Engraved logo
Customizable rims or without rims
Material (HDPE/ECO)

Technical drawing

Recommendations for use

  • Do not stack more than 90 pallets, which equates to a height of 4 m of empty pallets.
  • Do not handle stacks of more than 60 empty pallets.
  • Once stacked in height check that they are properly fitted.

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