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New LOGIC PRO 1210-G5
  • rPP black rPP black
  • Temp. 0º +40ºC Temp. 0º +40ºC
  • open open
  • 4-ways 4-ways
  • Rims for boxes Rims for boxes

One-piece industrial pallet of standard dimensions ideal for reuse applications. Suitable for any type of load in all types of uses and sectors resulting in the ideal product for storage in lift. Compatible with all standard handling equipment.

Technical data

LOGIC 1210-G9rPP black 1200x1000x150 mm [47.20x39.40x5.90"] 10.90 kg [24.05 lb.] 4000 kg [8820 lb.] 1000 kg [2210 lb.] - kg [- lb.]
LOGIC 1210-G3rPP black 1200x1000x150 mm [47.20x39.40x5.90"] 12.70 kg [28.00 lb.] 5000 kg [11025 lb.] 1250 kg [2755 lb.] 500 kg [1100 lb.]
LOGIC 1210-G5rPP black 1200x1000x150 mm [47.20x39.40x5.90"] 13.30 kg [29.35 lb.] 5500 kg [12125 lb.] 1500 kg [3310 lb.] 600 kg [1325 lb.]
LOGIC PRO 1210-G9rPP black 1200x1000x160 mm [47.20x39.40x6.30"] 16.50 kg [36.40 lb.] 5000 kg [11025 lb.] 1500 kg [3310 lb.] - kg [- lb.]
LOGIC PRO 1210-G3rPP black 1200x1000x160 mm [47.20x39.40x6.30"] 18.30 kg [40.30 lb.] 7000 kg [15435 lb.] 2000 kg [4410 lb.] 1000 kg [2210 lb.]
LOGIC PRO 1210-G5rPP black 1200x1000x160 mm [47.20x39.40x6.30"] 19.50 kg [43.00 lb.] 7500 kg [16535 lb.] 2250 kg [4960 lb.] 1100 kg [2425 lb.]


Suitable for rack
Anti-impact perimeter
Corners prepared for optimum shrinkage

Logistic data

Reference20'40'40' HC45'
LOGIC 1210-G9140294357442442494570
LOGIC 1210-G3140294357442442494570
LOGIC 1210-G5140294357442442494570
LOGIC PRO 1210-G9130273336416416468540
LOGIC PRO 1210-G3130273336416416468540
LOGIC PRO 1210-G5130273336416416468540


Customizable colour
RFID tags
Silkscreen logo
Engraved logo
Customizable rims or without rims
Material (HDPE/ECO)

Technical drawing

Recommendations for use

  • Do not stack more than 48 pallets, which is equivalent to a height of 7,7 m when empty.
  • Do not handle stacks of more than 18 empty pallets.
  • Once stacked in height check that they are properly fitted.

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