Easy-use forearm door-opening device to fight the spread of Covid-19, sending a rainbow of hope to our elderly care centres, via a collaborative project based on a solidarity chain.

Everything that unites us is greater than the distance that separates us. Together we can fight it.

Let’s put a rainbow on every door

The HOPE Project represents everything that can be achieved through collaboration, solidarity and team work, in the face of a health emergency like the one we are going through.

As a result of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, our team has come together and mobilised to join the fight we are all facing; one that is particularly affecting older people, who are our most vulnerable demographic. They have worked hard to build the society we are living, and now it is up to us to show our appreciation for their efforts and to bring hope to their doors.

With this concept in mind, we set to work using our R&D skills and resources, with the idea of designing, developing and producing an easy-to-fit device that avoids direct hand contact with handles when opening doors. According to information from the WHO, contact with frequently used surfaces, such as door handles, is one of the main sources of transmission. We had to do something about this.

We have launched a collaborative project, open to anyone wishing to participate. There are no limits or borders: a project belonging to us all, for the benefit of all. HOPE’n Door designs have been ceded to be used freely by anyone with the means required to make their own contribution to the different elderly care centres in their area. The idea is to take hope to as many places as possible. Together we can achieve it.

Hope'n Door
Hope'n Door

We also want the piece to have meaning and to pass on a message of hope, which will help our elderly keep up the fight to overcome this health crisis that is hitting their demographic particularly hard. We want them to feel proud of the generation that has followed their lead.

Over the past few weeks, the image of the rainbow has become the symbol of this crisis. It represents a message of hope and collaboration, now that the situation is forcing us to remain apart. This idea was first conceived in 1961 in Italy, together with the word PEACE, in a movement called ‘Pace da tutti i balconi’ (Peace from all balconies), and it has arisen once more with the outbreak of COVID-19. The image evokes the feeling that calm always comes after the storm. A bridge that unites the distance between two smiles. Our children have chosen this image in their drawings to remind us that everything will be fine.

For this reason, we have included a relief image of a rainbow on the piece, which has become a universal symbol of hope, along with the phrase “Together with you”, which is more relevant than ever today, because everything that unites us is much greater than the distance between us. We are with our elderly. We are with you. We are in this together.

Want to know how it works?

It is very easy to fit, and a pair of standard flanges is all you need to attach the device to any handle. What’s more, thanks to its universal design, it is compatible with different handle models and sizes.

Download our Instructions manual, where we explain how to attach the piece to a door handle and how to use it properly. Remember to stick the instructions nearby so that everyone remembers to use their forearm correctly to protect our elderly.

Do it yourself

We want this project to reach as many collaborators as possible. We can all do our bit to ensure the rainbow reaches as many elderly care homes as possible.

Below are the downloadable files needed for its manufacture:

Hope'n Door

3D Printing

o Hope_n_Door_I3D_rev01.stl
o Hope_n_Door_I3D_rev01.step
o Hope_n_Door_I3D_rev01.x_t

Ideal design for 3D printing with FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) technology. The use of PLA material with a filling factor of over 20% is recommended.

Hope'n Door

Industrial scale plastic injection

o Hope_n_Door_IP_rev01.stl
o Hope_n_Door_IP_rev01.step
o Hope_n_Door_IP_rev01.x_t

Piece designed for industrialisation via a plastic injection mould process. Recommended material: Polypropylene copolymer.

Finally, don’t forget to download your sticker of hope to position near the door, so that everyone remembers to use his or her forearm. Every little counts!

Hope'n Door

Makers wanted

We know just how many MAKERS that are out there right now, pouring their efforts into different solidarity projects and actions.We want you to form part of this project so you can keep making your valuable contribution to society through a good cause. We have PLA* reels for your 3D printer, that we will donate until stocks last so you can print your own devices and keep the chain of solidarity going. Will you take up the challenge? Let’s ensure hope reaches the doors of our elderly care centres.

One of the things that make this virus so aggressive is that it is exponentially contagious. For example, three people are infected and each of them passes it on to another three people, and so on, making this a highly dangerous and rapidly spreading virus. To combat this, why not do the same? Let’s start a chain of solidarity that allows us to grow just as quickly, allowing us to protect our elderly with a rainbow of hope.

All you have to do is publish your photo of hope, printing a piece or of an already printed piece and tag us on our social networks with the hashtag #HOPEnDoor, mentioning the elderly care home that the pieces will be sent to. We will send you a plastic reel for your 3D printer in the hope you can keep the solidarity chain going and donate to the elderly in your community.

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With the pieces you print, we want the solidarity chain to reach the doors of our elderly. Donate the pieces to an elderly care centre of your choice in your community. If you do not know of any, but still want to contribute, get in touch with us and we will tell you where your nearest centre is.

* PLA reels of thread 1.75 mm thick and 750 gr each.

Looking after our elderly

Given that they constitute one of our most vulnerable demographics, we want the rainbow of hope to reach all the elderly care centres that request them.

Are you one of them? Contact us and we will do everything possible to ensure you receive our HOPE’n Door.

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Donetec - Colabora con YOU

Want to collaborate in our project by donating 3D reels or providing resources? Any help is greatly appreciated and necessary to make sure this solidarity chain is as long as possible, and that the rainbows fill our elderly with hope.

Contact us on hope@nortpalet.com.

**** Project subject to stock and availability of materials.

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